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Most people think hiring a professional photographer for family or individual portraits will cost a fortune. And, let's be honest, often that's the case.  But at Zakara Photography, we want to offer affordable photography without sacrificing one ounce of quality.

The cost of hiring a professional photographer in Montana (or anywhere else for that matter) involves more than just paying someone to point and click for a couple hours and then print off the photos.  For a professional photographer, and in particular we at Zakara Photography, that is definitely the funnest part.  But the real work for a professional photographer starts after the photo shoot.

First we will back up your images in several different places in case something should happen to them (God forbid!)  Next we will go through a process called "culling the images." During this process, we will carefully inspect each and every photo.  This might be 200 photos from a senior portrait shoot or 2,000 photos for a wedding shoot. We are looking to weed out all the photos where the lighting was wrong, where someone's eyes are closed, where someone has a funny expression, where a passerby "photo-bombed" the image, etc.

Once we have it narrowed down to the best photos, the editing process begins.  You may have selected a package which includes a certain number of edited photos (like 10, 50, or 100).  Each and every photo can take up to 1-2 hours to edit and post-process.  This is what we do to make your selected photos look amazing.

There's a thousand other things that go into the process (and many thousands of dollars worth of equipment, insurance, etc. etc. etc.) But let it suffice to say when you hire a professional photographer, you are hiring a professional photographer.

HOWEVER, all that being said, we offer some of the most competitive portrait photography packages available anywhere in Montana.  Check out our "Portrait Photography Packages" page for a price list and more details.

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