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Architectural Photography, Interiors Photography, Commercial Photography

Zakara Photography owner and photographer, Zak Grosfield, has been creatively and artfully photographing buildings since 2013.  As an accomplished Architectural Photographer, Zak brings an impressive skill set that stems from a broad range of experience in various styles of photography, including Architectural Photography, Interior Design Photography, Luxury Real Estate Photography, Commercial Photography and Hospitality Photography.  Zak begins each new project with a fresh approach, knowing that each home, building, hotel or high rise is unique and different from every other.  The goal of Zakara Photography is to capture the intent of each design, and to produce clear and insightful images that really highlight those small and important details.

With an eye for design and a compulsive attention to lighting and detail, Zak not only accurately documents structures through clean and creative photography, he reveals structures in new and exciting ways.  Zak treats every space, whether the exterior of a high rise or the interior of a designer's own living room, as a blank canvas for which there is a perfect composition, a perfect time of day, and perfect lighting to paint that unique three dimensional work of the architect, designer or builder onto a two dimensional canvas.

Zak is a Montana native and is based out of Bozeman, MT.  Nearly a decode of marketing experience preceded his architectural photography career, so Zak understands how important it is to get things just right.  As a photographer clebrated in publications and trusted by dozens of high end commercial and residential industry-leading clients, Zak is a voracious learner and studier of his artful craft, and is constantly seeking to learn and understand and acquire the newest and best technology and techniques by which to improve his stunning work.


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