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Bozeman, Montana



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Zak Grosfield is a Montana-based photographer who specializes in Architectural, Commercial Spaces, and Luxury Real Estate Photography.

A husband, father of three, and  Montana Native, Zak was born and raised on a working cattle ranch in the Crazy Mountains of South-central Montana. He studied Media/Theater Arts and Philosphy at Montana State University before going on to launch and run several successful businesses with his wife, Kara.  Zak then served as a State Trooper in the Montana Highway Patrol for several years where he earned many accolades for his work in DUI investigation and Drug Interdiction. He also earned his nickname "Smiley-Z" because of the constant smile on his face and joy in his eyes.

In 2013, Zak began taking pictures of vacation rentals in Bozeman for his wife's vacation rental property management business and started developing a deep interest in photographing architecture.  As individuals and large companies began requesting Zak to photograph their buildings and projects, he decided in 2015 to honorably resign from the Montana Highway Patrol and pursue his deeper passions: spending time with his family and shooting with a camera instead of a gun.

As with everything, Zak pursues the art of Architectural Photography with relentless work ethic and a serious determination to get it right.  He also has a lot of fun doing it. Zak is ever the student and is forever learning and evolving to improve everything from composition to post-processing.  Every image he produces is the result of hours of work behind the camera and in front of the computer to produce not just an image, but architectural art.

When he's not working, you can usually find Zak playing with his family, reading a good book, or enjoying a good beer with friends.  Living the good life means keeping the main thing the main thing, and seeking new challenges by which to grow.

About Zak

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