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About Zakara Photography

Zakara Photography is based out of Bozeman, MT and specializes in architectural photography, luxury real estate photography, and commercial spaces photography.  Zakara Photography produces an excellent final project by paying close attention to detail, composition and lighting, and by doing extensive post-processing work on each individual photograph to recreate the mood and emotion of being present in the photograph.  If you've seen our "Before and After" page you'll experience what a difference this makes!

Zakara Photography has a simple pricing structure and process. Once a client pays for imagery, we believe the usage rights to that imagery should be broad, comprehensive and perpetual so clients can use the photos to market their business in almost any way they see fit.  Please contact us today with the details of your project and we will send you a customized proposal to fit your needs.

"What's important to you
                          is important to us."

Photography literally means "drawing with light." When you commission Zakara Photography to photograph your building, we will consult with you and give you the opportunity to walk us through the project on location, or to provide a specific shot list, or to leave the shot list up to Zak's discretion.

We strive to see each individual project with a balanced view.  We want to see the project through your eyes and capture the aspects of the project which are most visually important to you.  At the same time, we want to see the project through the eyes of your potential clientele and marketing audience.  Our goal is to portray the elements of each project which are most aesthetically important to you in the most visually pleasing manner possible to your potential clients.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your next project with you and let you decide whether our style and creative expression is a good match to your creative genius.

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Bozeman, Montana



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