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Please enjoy perusing the images below. 


As a reminder, these images are copyrighted and any reproduction or use of these photographs for personal or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden without prior written authorization by the photographer and payment of required fees. Please feel free to contact Zakara Photography to discuss usage rights for any/all photographs that you need.

Thank you!


Zak Grosfield

About Zakara Photography

Zakara Photography is based out of Bozeman, MT and specializes in architectural and building photography for architects, contractors, and the building industry.  Zakara Photography produces an excellent final project by paying close attention to detail, composition and lighting, and by doing extensive post-processing work on each individual photograph to recreate the mood and emotion of being present in the photograph.


Zakara Photography has a very simple and affordable pricing structure which is based wholly around the usage rights to a photograph.  Zakara Photography also believes that once a client pays for a photograph, the photograph should belong to that client to market their business in any way they see fit.


Many architectural photographers put a choke-hold on their photographs which severely limits clients from effectively using their purchased photographs to market their business.  (i.e. even though you purchased a photograph, you may only use it in manner XYZ or else you have to pay additional fees and sign additional agreements.)  As long as you are using the photograph to market your business and are not re-selling it or giving it to a third party to use to market their business, we are okay with it!  The only restriction is additional fees/usage agreement is required for magazine publications.


We hope you will consider Zakara Photography for your future Architectural Photography needs in Montana and beyond.  Please enjoy our website and let me know if you would like to purchase any of the photos on there as well.  See the bottom of this page for our pricing structure.

YMCA Bozeman
Photographed August 2017

Sample of Other Work

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